Sunday, August 1, 2010

tidy&neat - HALL OF FAME


Honoring outstanding individuals who reviewed

our products & blogged about us. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you Plus Size Kitten - Miu!
For your effort on our very first Review , the coupon frenzy & all your followers
support! A big THANK YOU to you!

Thank you Juwita Ceritera Terindah - Anggun!
Thank you for your blog post on our products with
marvelous pictures on how our product can help you
organize your belongings!
A big THANK YOU to you!

More to come - Awaiting confirmation on a few!

******ADD ONS******

Good day Everyone!
We are excitied! We have 392 fans in our Facebook!

(sob..sob...*tears running like broken pipe*)
Thank you... A million thank you....Hope there's more to come.

Now, we are here again to promote about our cutie witie ADD ONS !!!
Firstly, many may ask - "......What is Add ons...????"

ADD ONS (according to Miu&Miaw Lambford Dictionary)....

is a cute Hand-Made hanging mobile from tidy&neat.
It's 100% Hand-Made with highest quality felt material and all are sewn
with Passion for handcrafts & gifts.

You can hang your Add Ons at our Bag Organizer, your mobile phone
or other bags
that you have as a Cute Accessories!

Here's our initial collection :-

Get your Ms Heart or Snowy Add Ons today!
Drop us your order at

Have a nice day ! Cheerios!


Oh my gosshh!It's been long since we updated our blog...(shy shy mode).
We have been busy adding new colours to our collection.Hope everyone will like our new collection.

Fancy any new colours from this collection?
Drop your order at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mizz Organized-Independenze!

Good day!
Introducing .... *drum rolls*.....Mizz Organized-Independenze!

Isn't this Charming ?

Voila !!
Please stay tuned for our next coming CRAZE!

- Miu & Miaw -

Messy No More!

Welcome to tidy&neat Blogpage!
Is your handbag also in this condition?..... *@@*...
Can't find your mobile when it rings? How about car keys when you are about to go home?
And you find yourself sitting at one corner & start digging out all your stuffs... some are
just upside down the entire bag... and you are getting frustrated?

(click image for larger view)

Do you want to make a change to yourself & the poor handbag?
At least stop
the digging in public and shows how messy you are! =p
Read on to see how this Smarty bag organizer can help you....

(click image for larger view)


My name is tidy&neat bag organizer. I’m here to help you organize things in your
handbag. Does your handbag always full of your belongings & can’t find things
when you need it the most? Hand phones? Car keys? Thumb drive?......
And what about changing handbags? Pour everything into the other bag?

This is where I come in handy.
I have compartments that can almost keep anything

you need. Wallet/purse, hand phones, tissues, make-ups, lip stick/gloss, camera,
receipts, pen, coin purse and the rest, you name it.

I’m made of good quality polyester canvas and I’m not easily get torn by sharp objects.
Good news - water resistant.

Clever isn’t it?

Feel free to browse on, for my siblings in variety of colours. You will feel good for
what a marvelous job we can do for you. At least, we make your life easier.

(click image for larger view)

(click image for larger view)

(click image for larger view)

Thank you for browsing thru our catalogue. Do drop us your order at Feel free to ask us, just about anything on our organizers!
We'll be glad to help you!

And... there are more to come! Stay tuned with us!


- Miu & Miaw -